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Our Impact

Our Food Pvt. Ltd. is empowering farmers to become entrepreneurs who can add value at the farm gate, to the produce that they and their fellow farmers are growing. We are contributing to the sustainable future of food by minimizing post-harvest losses by proper management. The generation of village-level employment through our farmer franchise units improves the livelihood of people residing in that area. The model improves the farmer's share of consumer's rupee and thereby contributes to sustainable agriculture production. We are also committed to women's empowerment by providing them with skill training and access to finance. Our model enables farm-level traceability and ensures the efficient use of by-products for local use. By facilitating quality inputs at low cost directly from manufacturers, we ensure sustainability in production.

Total employment created

Average farmers income increase.png
₹ 3,00,000

Average increase in farmer income level

Total indirect employment created.png

Total indirect employment created


Savings to consumer

Income created at each FF.png
₹ 36,00,000

Income created at each farmer franchisee

District Covered.png

Remote districts covered

1350 tons

Reduction in post harvest losses

Infrastructure created.png
₹ 120 Crore

Value infrastructure created

In a Nutshell

  • Post-harvest loss minimization: Early value addition at farm gate thereby reducing food waste and ensuring food security.
  • Increased income to farmer franchise and end farmers.
  • Sustainable agricultural production
  • Employment Generation.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship among rural youth and thereby promoting manufacturing activities.
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