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Our Food Culture

At Our Food, we are passionate, innovative, socially responsible and supportive. We have a very organic structure where everyone’s ideas and viewpoints are acknowledged and supported. As our organization is working on creating social value, we also value our employee’s suggestions and their feedback to create an environment where everyone is heard, which helps us function in unison. Since we are a start-up, there are a lot of opportunities to learn from cross-functional roles as we all work for the same common goal that is empowering the farmer community.

Work Culture

We have a culture of sharing credit, our leadership team and individual departments appreciate team members for their hard work and passion. We are willing to invest in the education and career development of our employees. We make our employees feel empowered and happy at our workplace.

We believe in teamwork

T- Transparency is the utmost important value of our work culture where every decision-making process is inclusive.
E- Empowerment of our employees is our priority. We work towards giving our employees.
A- Every member is Approachable. Here every member is treated as an equal and each and every opinion is valued. We are very open-minded people and appreciate every point of view.
M-We are Motivated people working together toward the common goal to create a better future for farmers.
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Extra-Curricular activities

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