Only for Unemployed Rural Youth with age between 25 to 35 Years

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India, a strong agriculture production base country still has underdeveloped processing sector. Farmer is not able to fetch better prices for the produce because of multiple middlemen involved. Farmers are not able to establish processing facilities due to lack of awareness. Accessing financial assistance for the enterprising farmer is a distant possibility. Furthermore, marketing the final produce is the biggest challenge.

The existing processing facilities are huge capex, centralized mills. The procurement of raw material happens through aggregating the produce from many villages through many middlemen which imposes higher procurement costs. The cost of working capital is also high. Multiple transportation costs, handling costs, wastage, pilferage induces redundancy in the food value chain.

Bottlenecks in implementing policies made processing sector weak and unestablished. Globally, food-processing is assumed to be a sunrise sector because of its large potential for growth and socio-economic impact. It not only leads to income generation but also helps in reduction of wastage, value addition, and foreign exchange earnings and enhancing manufacturing competitiveness. With technology interventions processing sector can be revived to full of its potential by bridging the existing gaps in the sector.


Our Food is a technology driven Farmer Franchising Platform that adds value to farmer’s produce beyond price realization through its new age low cost, micro processing units owned by farmers and buoyant market linkages.

We are selecting unemployed (between 25 to 35 years age), rural, small and marginal farmer (2 to 5 acres land holding) and establishing a micro food processing unit by arranging the equipment, financing. These are called farmer franchises. The farm produce grown in his/her field is procured, and processed locally to reduce transportation cost, operating cost, and labor cost. This output (red gram to dal, chill to chilli powder, groundnut to decorticated nuts, etc.) is sold to B2B players like restaurants, caterers, educational institutions, etc. directly on the technology platform. This direct selling fetches better price for the farmer.



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